Wednesday, October 20, 2021 - 06:00
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All seven episodes in our first season of the Entrepreneurial Open Source Podcast are now available for listening, and we’re looking for guests for season two.

In the Entrepreneurial Open Source Podcast, successful entrepreneurs and innovators from around the globe explain how they’ve used open source participation and leadership to build their businesses. Our first season was very successful with nearly 1,000 downloads so far.

If you missed any of the season one episodes, you can access them on our website. Season one features:

  • Adam Gibson speaking on deep learning through open source
  • Dirk Riehle providing a researcher’s perspective on the role of open source in market disruption
  • Angelo Corsaro discussing why ADLINK gives back to open source
  • Miro Spönemann explaining how TypeFox innovates with open source
  • Jesse McConnell and Greg Wilkins describing how Webtide became an open source “lifestyle business”
  • Frank Gielissen and Glenn Ergeerts sharing insight into Aloxy’s transition from research to commercial success
  • Don Pearson from Inductive Automation discussing how open collaboration is changing and improving the software industry

If you’d like to share your entrepreneurial open source story on our podcast, register here.