Thursday, April 28, 2022 - 06:00
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AsciiDoc recently revealed a new brand identity and updated website. The relaunched site serves as a vendor-neutral entry point into the AsciiDoc ecosystem, providing the canonical description of AsciiDoc, showcasing and advocating for the technology, and connecting visitors with key resources. 

AsciiDoc is a plain text markup language for writing technical content. AsciiDoc content can be composed using a text editor, managed in a version control system, and published to multiple output formats. 

The AsciiDoc Working Group provides a vendor-neutral space for users, developers, and organizations to drive the standardization, adoption, and evolution of the AsciiDoc language. 

The working group supports the development, deployment, management, and usage of software documentation, applications, and services that use AsciiDoc by overseeing the specification of the AsciiDoc language, and by organizing interest groups around tools, tooling, and APIs used to produce, analyze, and process content in AsciiDoc.

You can check out the new brand at