Wednesday, December 21, 2022 - 05:00
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Sparkplug 3.0, the new release of the open source specification that enables plug-and-play IIoT, is now available. This is the first version of the specification managed under the Eclipse Foundation specification process.

Along with the 3.0 release, the Eclipse Foundation has submitted the Sparkplug specification for transposition as an ISO/IEC JTC 1 international standard.

This transition to an approved industry standard will accelerate Sparkplug’s growth and acceptance by all industries. The new compatibility program for Sparkplug implementers will help ensure Sparkplug-compatible products and implementations offer the compatibility and interoperability users need, and allow organizations to show that their software will seamlessly integrate with the most popular MQTT-based IIoT devices and networks. 

To learn more about Sparkplug 3.0 and how it will change IIoT and the digitalization of manufacturing, read Smart Industry’s interview with Ravi Subramanyan, director of industry solutions at HiveMQ and member of the Sparkplug Working Group.