Wednesday, June 29, 2022 - 00:00
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The new Sparkplug Compatibility Program aims to provide integrators and end-users with an easy way to procure devices and software products that are fully compatible with the Sparkplug specification. This will ensure that their solutions will seamlessly integrate with the most common IIoT devices and networks.

The Sparkplug specification enables mission-critical operational technology clients to use industry standards like MQTT to seamlessly integrate data from their applications, sensors, devices, and gateways with most IIoT infrastructure.

To be certified as Sparkplug-compatible, products will need to pass a series of open source tests that validate conformance to the specification.

“Having native devices and software solutions providing “Plug and Play” capabilities leveraging the power of an MQTT/Sparkplug infrastructure will be a disruptive change in the way industrial automation solutions are designed and implemented in the future,” said Arlen Nipper, CTO at Cirrus Link Solutions and co-inventor of MQTT.

The news was announced at ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, Florida.

To learn more about the Sparkplug Working Group and the Sparkplug Compatibility Program, visit