Thursday, December 21, 2023 - 07:00
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While you may have heard the term EMO before, who does that actually refer to, and what can they do for your open source project? 

The Eclipse Management Organisation consists of the Eclipse Foundation's staff and architecture council. The EMO oversees the lifecycle of Eclipse projects, trademark and IP management, and provides a governance framework and open source best practices.  

The EMO team is here to support the Eclipse community. Here are a few of the people that can help you be a successful open source contributor: 

Wayne Beaton - Director, EMO Projects Team. Long time technologist; Open source evangelist; Crafts policy, procedures, and best practices; Answers your questions Shawn Kilpatrick- Intellectual Property Analyst. Helps with your account and committer agreements; Reviews your intellectual property requests; Answers your questions about licence compatibility; Enthusiastically supports the Ottawa Senators hockey team
Dana Vede - Automotive Process Engineer. A software engineer with years of automotive experience; Has an in-depth knowledge of development strategies; Will always stop to pet a cat, dog, or horse Rahul Mohan Geetha - Open Source Compliance Engineer. Extensive experience in open source licence compliance; Helps ensure the code in Eclipse projects complies with open source licences
Boris Baldassari. Open Source Services Specialist; Longtime open source enthusiast and contributor; Helps organisations and individuals get the most out of open source; Mentor and facilitator; Juggler, musician, and nature lover

Maria-Teresa Delgado, Open Source Community Manager. Extensive experience in research and innovation in IoT; Helps project leads and committers with open source project governance; Mentor and facilitator; Loves spending time with her family


Learn more about what the EMO can do for your project by reading the Eclipse Foundation Project Handbook.