Thursday, March 30, 2023 - 06:00
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Find out how Eclipse Theia gives developers what they need to build fully customized, next-generation IDEs and tools for desktop and cloud environments by downloading our new project brief.

Organizations around the world are leveraging Theia’s modular architecture to customize and enhance cloud-based IDEs and developer tools. The platform is being used to build many publicly available software applications, and can be integrated with many open source projects within the Eclipse Cloud DevTools ecosystem.

Our project brief explores how Theia gives developers the best possible cloud development

experience, with its architecture, user interface, user experience, performance, and features being designed to give developers the freedom to work on IDEs and tools that adapt to the way people want to work, rather than forcing them to adapt to the way the IDE or tool is designed.

You’ll also find out which organizations are contributing to Theia, and how their contributions impact the greater Eclipse Cloud DevTools project ecosystem.

Download Why Eclipse Theia Is Ideal to Build Modern IDEs and Developer Tools today.