Monday, October 30, 2023 - 07:00
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The Eclipse Foundation is collaborating with OpenLogic by Perforce on their annual State of Open Source survey. The survey, which runs through November 7, examines the day-to-day use and management of open source software, including technology trends, challenges, and open source maturity, with the resulting data used as the basis for the 2024 State of Open Source Report. 

With this survey, we’re looking to shed light on how organisations are using open source software and reveal the challenges that software professionals can encounter when working with today's foremost open source technologies. 

Gathering data on how open source users and contributors use open source technologies can  provide invaluable insight into the trends, needs, and future opportunities for open source software. This is our first year collaborating with OpenLogic and we look forward to seeing the  results in the ensuing report.  

If you’re part of the Eclipse community, we invite you to please participate in the survey. Sharing your experience with open source development will help us better understand where the industry stands, and how we can improve.

Take the survey here.