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Open source dominates IoT and edge solutions

Thursday, February 23, 2023 - 16:03 by Jacob Harris
The Eclipse Foundation’s IoT and edge computing survey finds open-source technologies will accelerate adoption, while connectivity and security challenges persist.

Help Us Sustain!

Wednesday, February 22, 2023 - 16:54 by Jacob Harris
The Eclipse Foundation is working on a new funding and governance model for the Open VSX Registry. Learn how you can support the registry by reading Eclipse Cloud DevTools community manager John Kellerman's blog post.

Next OnRamp Meeting on February 17th, 10:30 CET

Tuesday, February 14, 2023 - 14:48 by Florent Zara

Our next OnRamp meeting will feature Gabriel Ku Wei Bin from Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE). He'll introduce FSFE ’s Legal Network and its Legal and Licensing Workshop (LLW).

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<span>Next OnRamp Meeting on February 17th, 10:30 CET</span>
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Eclipse SUMO 1.16.0 Is Now Available!

Tuesday, February 7, 2023 - 04:07 by Angelo Banse

Eclipse SUMO 1.16.0 includes many new tools and visualization features. To showcase these features, we added exemplary plots to many simulation-output documentation pages (with linked example commands to create them).

The Open Source Task Force brought together the Meta-OS projects in Toulouse

Thursday, February 2, 2023 - 08:57 by Federica Nocerino
The Open Source Task Force, part of the European Cloud, Edge & IoT Continuum organized the first face-to-face meeting with the cluster of RIAs that have already started, the HORIZON-CL4-2021-DATA-01-05: Future European Platforms for the Edge: Meta Operating Systems (2021-2017).

Jakarta EE 10 wins the annual DEVIES Award

Thursday, February 2, 2023 - 08:42 by Ivar Grimstad
We’re excited to announce that Jakarta EE 10 has won a 2023 DEVIES Award in the Programming Languages & Frameworks category.
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<span>Jakarta EE 10 wins the annual DEVIES Award</span>
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The Eclipse Foundation is sponsoring the State of Open Con 23

Monday, January 30, 2023 - 14:03 by Federica Nocerino
On Wednesday, February 8th, Florent Zara from the Eclipse Foundation Open Source Services Team will be participating in a panel discussion about open governance. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about open source and governance from industry experts.

Eclipse Temurin 8u362, 11.0.18, 17.0.6 and 19.0.2 Available

Friday, January 27, 2023 - 07:50 by Carmen Delgado

Adoptium is happy to announce the immediate availability of Eclipse Temurin 8u362, 11.0.18, 17.0.6, and 19.0.2. As always, all binaries are thoroughly tested and available free of charge without usage restrictions on a wide range of platforms



Next OnRamp Meeting on January 20th

Thursday, January 12, 2023 - 15:23 by Florent Zara

Our next OSPO Alliance OnRamp meeting will take place January 20th at 10:30-12:00 CET. Security will be at the heart of this session, and furthermore the security of your Open Source Software Supply Chain.

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<span>Next OnRamp Meeting on January 20th</span>
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Registration for the Jakarta EE Track at Devnexus 2023

Thursday, January 12, 2023 - 13:46 by Federica Nocerino
We are excited to announce that registration for the Jakarta EE Track at Devnexus 2023 is now open! Join us on April 4-6, 2023 for the largest Java platform conference in the USA and learn from industry leaders in the field. Register now at

Semi Engineering - How Secure Are RISC-V Chips

Monday, January 9, 2023 - 10:47 by Michelle Clancy

Open source by itself doesn’t guarantee security. It still comes down to the fundamentals of design. OpenHW's Rick O'Connor and other industry experts on discuss the security of RISC-V Chips.