The Eclipse IoT Working Group Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Monday, October 25, 2021 - 07:00 by Jacob Harris

The world’s largest open source community for edge and IoT continues to drive innovation that benefits a broad range of industries and applications 


BRUSSELS – October 25, 2021 – The Eclipse Foundation, one of the world’s largest open source software foundations, today celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Eclipse IoT Working Group. Eclipse IoT is the largest open source IoT community in the world with 47 working group members, 47 projects, 360 contributors, and more than 32 million lines of code.

“It would be challenging to measure the industry impact of the Eclipse IoT Working Group over the past 10 years,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. “From day one, this working group had a vision focused on developing actionable code as opposed to blueprints or standards, which has enabled it to stand apart from other organizations. This focus, along with the broad and diverse mix of Eclipse IoT ecosystem participants, has led to an extremely vibrant community that has helped drive commercial innovation and adoption at scale.”
In addition to original founding members, IBM and Eurotech, the current Eclipse IoT ecosystem now includes globally recognized players such as Bosch.IO, Red Hat, Huawei, Intel, SAP, and Siemens. The community is further enriched with Industrial IoT (IIoT) specialists like Aloxy, Cedalo, itemis, and Kynetics; along with edge IoT innovators that include ADLINK Technology and Edgeworx.
Eclipse IoT is home to open source innovation that has delivered some of the industry’s most popular IoT protocols. CoAP (Eclipse Californium), DDS (Eclipse Cyclone DDS), LwM2M (Eclipse Leshan), MQTT (Eclipse Paho, Eclipse Mosquitto and Eclipse Amlen) and OPC UA (Eclipse Milo) are all built around Eclipse IoT projects. Other popular Eclipse IoT production-ready platforms cover use cases such as digital twins (Eclipse Ditto), energy management (Eclipse VOLTTRON), contactless payments (Eclipse Keyple), Smart cities (Eclipse Kura) in addition to Eclipse Kapua  — a modular IoT cloud platform that manages data, devices, and much more.
To learn more about how to get involved with Eclipse IoT, Edge Native, Sparkplug or other working groups at the Eclipse Foundation, visit the Foundation’s membership page. Working group members benefit from a broad range of services, including exclusive access to detailed industry research findings, marketing assistance, and expert open source governance.

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Quotes from Eclipse IoT Working Group pioneers

Andy Stanford-Clark, IBM UK CTO & Co-Inventor of MQTT
“Our original vision for the IoT Working Group was to create and curate a software stack which would enable developers to write ‘applications for platforms’, rather than ‘custom code for specific devices.’ Over the 10 years, I think we’ve made that vision a reality. I’m immensely proud of what we’ve achieved together.”

Andy Piper, Developer Advocate & Founding Project Lead, Eclipse Paho 
“It is inspiring to see the range and scope of projects that make up the Eclipse IoT Working Group, 10 years on - we knew that the keys to success would be open source, interoperability, and open standards. I’m hugely proud of the success of MQTT and Mosquitto, and the wider ecosystem in this space.” 

Marco Career, CTO, Eurotech
“Eclipse IoT WG has shattered the silos of monolithic M2M applications and proprietary connectivity by promoting open standards and open architectures while creating a vibrant community of interoperable projects. Eurotech is proud of having been part of this journey and we wish Eclipse IoT WG 10 more successful years”.

Deb Bryant, Senior Director, Open Source Program Office, Red Hat
“The 10th anniversary of the Eclipse Foundation IoT Working Group is a significant milestone not only for its members and partners, but for the technology and open source communities. Many solutions to challenges within global IoT ecosystems are the result of the Eclipse Foundation IoT Working Group’s dedication over the last decade to creating a vendor-neutral community of open source projects. Red Hat is proud to be a member of the Eclipse Foundation and looks forward to continuing our support for the IoT Working Group and helping to foster open source IoT achievements.”

Benjamin Cabé, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft:
“It is both exciting and humbling to see how our initial vision of enabling an Internet of Things based on open source and open standards has effectively turned into a reality, ten years down the road. The Eclipse IoT Working Group and its community of passionate individuals have been a catalyst for IoT innovation, and I am looking forward to ten more years of success!”

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