OpenHW Group Expands Global Footprint by Adding Regional Working Groups in Europe and Asia to Foster a Worldwide, Unified Open Hardware Ecosystem

Thursday, May 12, 2022 - 17:50 by Michelle Clancy

OTTAWA, CANADA – May 12, 2022 - The OpenHW Group, a non-profit, member-driven organization transforming microprocessor technology development through an open-source ecosystem, today announced the addition of two regional working groups.

The new groups, the OpenHW Asia Working Group (AWG) and OpenHW Europe Working Group (EWG) address regional open hardware requirements, technical project incubation, and data governance. With participation from key regional organizations and thought leaders they aim to foster a global, unified open hardware ecosystem while providing focus on specific Asian and European ecosystem considerations. 

“The open-source methods that have reshaped the software industry are now substantially transforming microprocessor technology development, licensing, and implementation”, said Rick O’Connor, CEO, OpenHW Group. “The OpenHW Group is a major driver of this shift and continues to create a vibrant and worldwide OpenHW ecosystem.  OpenHW EWG and OpenHW AWG bring insight into regionally focused project opportunities to our Technical Working Group. Constituted as Eclipse Foundation Working Groups, they bring a truly global footprint to OpenHW Group, taking into account the digital sovereignty requirements of our global membership.”   

The New Frontier of Open Source

The availability of the free and open RISC-V ISA has unleashed a new frontier of innovation in the processor design community.  However, the RISC-V ISA specification covers the ISA itself and does not provide tangible processor designs. That’s where the OpenHW Group comes in. OpenHW Group members design and verify RISC-V processor cores (the CORE-V family) to industrial quality levels and release the tested processor code as open-source artifacts.

The OpenHW Group worldwide membership is developing the CORE-V family of open-source, RISC-V microprocessor cores, along with associated accelerators, interfaces, enabling hardware and SoC platforms, and software toolchains in a comprehensive ecosystem approach.  Starting from a single project in 2019, OpenHW Group now fosters over twenty open-source projects.  In OpenHW Group’s model, industry, academic, and individual contributors drive innovation within a collaborative framework. Each participant helps to advance projects according to their priorities and skillsets, reducing development costs and fostering an ecosystem of stakeholders with a shared interest in bringing open-source projects to fruition. 

 The European and Asian Working Groups will complement OpenHW Group’s existing Technical Working Group and the Cores, Verification, Hardware and Software Task Groups. All OpenHW working groups are directed by members and are open to participation from all OpenHW Group members.

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About OpenHW Group and CORE-V family 

The charter of the OpenHW Group is to serve developers of processor cores and hardware and software engineers who design SoCs with greater awareness, understanding and availability of open-source processor implementations for use in high volume production. OpenHW provides an infrastructure for hosting high quality open-source HW developments in line with industry best practices. The cores task group within the organization has the mandate to develop feature and functionality roadmap and the open-source IP for the cores within the OpenHW Group such as the CORE-V Family of open-source RISC-V processors. The OpenHW Group, a global, non-profit, member-driven organization in Canada, and partnered with the Eclipse Foundation.

Media Contact for OpenHW Group

Michelle Clancy, Marketing Director, OpenHW Group