cloud dev tools

Web-based tools - built with Eclipse - Cloud Tool Time (Maximilian Koegel)

Are you looking to build a web-based IDE, a modeling tool or a domain-specific tool? Do you need domain-specific editors, diagrams, textual DSLs, code generators or graphical visualizations? Do you want to learn about current best practices and technologies available from the Eclipse ecosystem to support your project? Then join this talk, see the solutions in action and try it yourself!

Low-Code Development with Eclipse Dirigible - Cloud Tool Time (Yordan Pavlov)

Low-code development is a visual way of application development. Low-code allows developers with various experience levels to create web and mobile applications, using drag-and-drop to model application components. There are two major ways for low-code development at the moment: - Business Process Modeling (BPM) - Model Driven Architecture (MDA) Let's see how a full-stack application can be developed with Eclipse Dirigible, while using low-code techniques.

Eclipse Che & GitHub Codespaces - Cloud Tool Time (Mario Loriedo)

GitHub Codespaces [1] is a new VS Code based project that GitHub is currently rolling out as a limited beta and will then become a commercial product. The client side of a codespace runs in the browser and the server side in a container and that’s how a Che workspace works too! Developers start a codespace clicking on a button of a GitHub repository and Che workspaces are started with a single click on a web link too! Codespaces and Che may, at first glance, look like two applications that solve the same problem.

Diagram editors in Theia and VSCode with Eclipse GLSP - Cloud Tool Time (Philip Langer)

Do you want to build a modern, web-based diagram editor, maybe integrated into Eclipse Theia or VS Code? Are you wondering how to replace GMF or similar frameworks in your cloud-based tool and how to migrate existing diagram editors to the web? Then join our talk and learn about the Eclipse Graphical Language Server Platform (GLSP --!

Web-based modeling tools with - Cloud Tool Time (Maximilian Koegel)

In this talk, we will provide you with an overview of the available Eclipse technology and of the Eclipse project. The goal of is to make available the benefits of the existing ecosystem for building domain-specific tools in cloud-based applications. does not intend to reinvent the wheel, it rather provides missing pieces, adapters and alternative web-based UI implementations for existing solutions.