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FOSS Security Campus Trainings

FOSS Security Campus Trainings are in-depth training courses by distinguished experts on the topics of open source and security, to empower developers, dev ops engineers, managers and others in the field of software development to make their products more secure. The trainings being offered are: DevSecOps and Software factory included by Thomas Fricke (Freelancer), A Game of Cat and Mouse by Stefan Grönke (Radically Open Security) and Automated Security Testing by Peter Mosmans (Radically Open Security).

FOSS Security Campus

FOSS Security Campus, is a new event focusing on IT security in the FOSS and open source sector. The conference will take place for the first time on September 28-29th, 2023. Topics include Open Source Supply Chains, Security Processes, Vulnerability Disclosure, Bug Bounties, Security by Design, Risk Mitigation and much more. The conference will be kicked off with a keynote by Melanie Rieback on "How business models are conflicting with a cybersecure world" and on the second conference day a keynote will be held by Thijs Ebbers and Jan Vogel on Zero Privilege Architectures.

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