payara cloud

From IDE To The Cloud - Easy Jakarta EE Deployments With Payara Cloud

Join us to explore how you can automate your deployment workflow right from your IDE, through GitHub, and onto Payara Cloud. We will walk you through the essential steps and best practices to set up a GitHub pipeline, which will automatically deploy your Jakarta EE applications to Payara Cloud, ensuring a streamlined delivery process and reducing manual deployment hassles.

Payara Cloud - Realizing the Potential of Cloud Native Serverless Jakarta EE

In this webinar, Payara Services CEO and Founder Steve Millidge will give a demonstration of what serverless can look like in a Jakarta EE environment. Steve will explain what a truly “Serverless” solution consists of: how the user does not need to worry about application servers, instances, domains, hosts, docker containers or any of the traditional concepts. He will explain how serverless can be brought about and its benefits, as well as demonstrating it on a runtime 100% designed for Jakarta EE and MicroProfile: Payara Cloud.