Tuesday, December 21, 2021 - 05:00
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On December 7, the Jakarta EE Working Group hosted their biggest celebration of the year with the third annual JakartaOne Livestream. 

The 12-hour livestream featured 11 technical talks, 10 studio sessions, and five vendor talks. Attendees got a chance to learn about future plans for the platform, individual specifications, and profiles.

Participants were also encouraged to make their own Jakarta EE-themed pizza, with the winning entry being awarded a Jakarta EE t-shirt. Congratulations to Payara’s Mag Millen-Dutka, who took home the prize.

If you couldn’t join us on the day, all JakartaOne Livestream talks are now featured on the Jakarta EE YouTube channel.

To stay updated on future livestreams, follow JakartaOne on Twitter.