Wednesday, June 30, 2021 - 07:00
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Eclipse IDE Working Group members will collaborate to ensure the Eclipse IDE family of projects continues to meet developers’ needs in the short term and the long term.

Founding members of the working group include Bosch, EclipseSource, IBM, Kichwa Coders, Renesas, SAP, VMware, and Yatta Solutions. Together, they will provide governance support, guidance, and funding to the communities that deliver and maintain the Eclipse IDE software components. They will also oversee the related planning, delivery processes, and delivery technologies for the software suite.

The creation of the Eclipse IDE Working Group is great news for everyone who already relies on the Eclipse Platform, desktop IDE, and underlying technologies, as well as those who are thinking about adopting the software. With the focus and open collaboration the working group structure enables, the future of the Eclipse IDE family of projects will be based on a strong, shared vision. This vision will go a long way towards ensuring the software remains relevant, sustainable, and high quality as it evolves.

If the Eclipse IDE is important to your organization’s development efforts, joining the working group is a great way to help shape the evolution of a resource your teams rely on. To learn more, read the working group’s Charter and Participation Agreement.

The Eclipse IDE Working Group also welcomes companies that want to support the Eclipse IDE without joining the working group. To learn more, see the Sponsorship Agreement.