Wednesday, June 30, 2021 - 07:00
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The Eclipse Foundation has partnered with leading European open source, non-profit organizations to develop OSPO.Zone, a free, online resource hub for Open Source Program Offices (OSPOs).
The OSPO.Zone website provides materials that help corporations, public administrations, and research and academic organizations discover and understand the value of open source software, best practices for managing open source, and the role that OSPOs play in maximizing open source benefits.
To develop the OSPO.Zone resources, the Eclipse Foundation joined forces with three European organizations in the OSPO Alliance:

  • OW2
  • OpenForum Europe
  • Foundation for Public Code

The OSPO Alliance aims to grow awareness of open source in Europe and promote structured and professional management of open source within private and public organizations, especially those that are not technology-focused.
Check out the resources at OSPO.Zone.