2022 in the Eclipse Community

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2022 In the Eclipse Community

As 2022 winds down, we're showcasing three projects that have taken big strides this year. We look at Eclipse Temurin's progress on SLSA compliance, the maturation of Eclipse Kanto since its launch in February, and Eclipse eCAL's showing at last month's BCX Hackathon.

Of course, these are just a few of the many projects that had success stories to share in 2022. To everyone who contributed to a project hosted at the Eclipse Foundation this year, we'd like to say thank you.   

We hope you enjoy the read and have a happy holiday season,
Shanda Giacomoni
Manager, Marketing & Communications


Eclipse Temurin Is SLSA Level Two-Compliant

Eclipse Adoptium has been working on SLSA compliance for the Eclipse Temurin project for some time. Stewart Addison takes a look at the work that's been done so far and what's next.
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Eclipse Kanto Is Maturing With M2 Release

Konstantina Gramatova explains how Eclipse Kanto's recent M2 release makes the project more flexible, improves container image security, and increases its overall usability. 
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BCX Hackathon Showcased the Utility of Eclipse eCAL

Learn about the Eclipse eCAL project, where it fits into the software-defined vehicle paradigm, and how it debuted its capabilities at the recent SDV Hackathon at BCX.
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Community Updates

Eclipse IDE 2022-12 Is Now Available

The last Eclipse IDE release of 2022 includes RELAX NG support, improved Maven tooling, and more. Read More->


Save the Date: Automotive Open Source Summit 2023

We're planning the first automotive industry event focused on open source software and collaboration-based innovation from June 5-6, 2023. Read More->


Sparkplug on Track to Become an International Standard

Along with the Sparkplug 3.0 release, the Eclipse Foundation has submitted the Sparkplug specification for transposition as an ISO/IEC JTC 1 international standard. Read More->


Relive the JakartaOne Livestream & TheiaCon 2022

Session recordings from the past month's big virtual events, TheiaCon and JakartaOne, are now available on YouTube. Read More->


Eclipse Foundation Sponsoring the EU Open Source Policy Summit 2023

The conference will bring together technology and policy leaders to discuss how collaboration and competition are being rethought as open source is being used to achieve Europe's digital policy goals. Read More->


There’s Still Time to Complete the 2022 Cloud Developer Survey

The survey is open to anyone interested in cloud development tools, from developers and managers to architects and IT leadership. 
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New Projects

Eclipse Semantic Modeling Framework (ESMF) develops accompanying tooling to create, manage, and leverage Aspect Models. Read More ->
Eclipse OpenSmartCLIDE is based on Eclipse Theia, which provides all of the tools necessary for development. Read More ->
Eclipse Ambient Light Services vizualize possible new lighting concepts which are adaptive to different specific driving scenarios. Read More ->
Eclipse Ibeji provides the capability to express a digital representation of vehicle state and its capabilities through an extensible and dynamic architecture to model and access the vehicle hardware, sensors and capabilities. Read More ->

New Releases

Upcoming Events

The MQTT Sparkplug Special RUNDOWN Edition
January 11, 2023

Eclipse IoT Day Grenoble 2023
January 19-20, 2023

EU Open Source Policy Summit
February 3, 2023

February 4-5, 2023
FOSS Backstage 2023
March 13-14, 2023

Embedded World 2023
March 14-16, 2023

JavaLand 2023
March 21-23, 2023

Devnexus 2023
April 4-6, 2023

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