Wednesday, September 28, 2022 - 06:00
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Hacker Day at EclipseCon 2022 is your chance to play with IoT devices, work on servers, test the interoperability of your products, and share your ideas.

The communal Hackerspace will have tables with power and wired Ethernet, plus tools for brainstorming, collaborating, testing devices, and honing your winning strategy. A panel of judges will choose the winners and award prizes.

Activities include the Eclipse IoT Working Group Architecture Project, where 50 micro:bit microcontrollers over the floor of the conference to form a Bluetooth Mesh. The aim of this activity is to build a fun game involving constrained devices, IoT platforms, and a mobile application. 

The SmartCLIDE Hackathon will give participants a hands-on experience with the SmartCLIDE IDE, a cloud native development environment based on Eclipse Theia.

Eclipse Software Defined Vehicle will also be present at the hackerspace, with more details to come.

Hacker Day kicks off after lunch on Thursday, October 27, following the conclusion of all EclipseCon talks. Register for Hacker Day when registering for EclipseCon 2022.