The OSGi Alliance Transfers Governance of the OSGi Specifications to Open Source Software Leader the Eclipse Foundation

Tuesday, April 27, 2021 - 07:00 by Jacob Harris


The OSGi Alliance Transfers Governance of the OSGi Specifications to Open Source Software Leader the Eclipse Foundation

New OSGi Working Group to guide evolution of the OSGi Specifications

BRUSSELS – APRIL 27, 2021 The Eclipse Foundation, one of the world’s largest open source software foundations, today announced that, after over twenty years as a successful software standards development organization, the OSGi Alliance has transferred its mission and governance to the OSGi Working Group under the auspices of the Eclipse Foundation. In its new home, many OSGi alliance members and other interested parties can continue the development of OSGi technology in the company of other Java based efforts such as the Eclipse Adoptium, Eclipse IDE, Jakarta EE, and MicroProfile working groups.

“We're very happy to welcome the OSGi specifications and their broad community to the Eclipse Foundation,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director for the Eclipse Foundation. “Their move to the Eclipse Foundation helps to grow the adoption of our open specification processes and further solidifies the Eclipse Foundation's leadership role in the Java ecosystem. We look forward to the continued evolution of the OSGi specifications to meet industry needs and use cases in embedded, IoT, and cloud native applications.”

The OSGi Working Group serves as the guiding force behind the OSGi module system which is compatible with Java based systems and implements a dynamic component model. The new working group model enables the OSGi community to share resources with a larger community of open source standards, thus ensuring the continued development and relevance of the original OSGi microservices platform. With interoperability between the enterprise, the cloud, and edge and IoT devices, OSGi technology is well placed to play a pivotal role in spanning the entire spectrum of computing with a single technology. The OSGi Working Group welcomes everyone to join the group and get involved to help advance this important mission.

To learn more and to connect with the OSGi community, visit If your organization is interested in participating in the OSGi Working Group, you can view the Charter and Participation Agreement, or email us at

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