Eclipse AAS4J V.1.0.0 Release

Thursday, February 22, 2024 - 03:27 by Thiago Weber Martins

Great News! The release V.1.0.0 of Eclipse AAS Model for Java (AAS4J) is now available on Maven Central Repository and includes different artifacts implementing the AAS Specs – Part 1 V3.0.

Eclipse AAS4J implements the specification of the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) such as metamodels, submodels, serialization and deserialization modules, validators, and transformation libraries based on the AAS specifications. For software developers, Eclipse AAS4j provides libraries implementing the metamodel of the AAS. The AAS is specified by the Industrial Digital Twin Association (IDTA).

Head over to our GitHub repository to learn more:

Got curious? Everyone is welcome to join the Eclipse AAS4J community on GitHub. Contributions and feedback are always welcome!