Eclipse SUMO 1.13.0 Is Now Available!

Tuesday, May 3, 2022 - 03:54 by Angelo Banse

Dear friends and users,
we are happy to announce the release of SUMO version 1.13.0.
The download links are at

This release brings you more traffic light enhancements, new parameters for modelling vehicles and many new TraCI functions.
It also fixes a large number of bugs some of which were regression 1.12.0

Even though the list below is long, it only contains a subset of all changes.
For the full list, as always see

=== Enhancements ===

- Simulation
  - Traffic light algorithms can now be customized/reprogrammed with xml input files
  - Added support for Poisson distributed flows
  - vType attribute 'startupDelay' can now be used to configure startup loss time.
  - edgeData output can now be filtered and aggregated
  - improved vehicle impatience model
  - Added vType attribute 'scale' to allow type-specific demand scaling.

- sumo-gui: Added many new hotkeys to start/stop the simulation, modify delay etc.

- netedit
  - Added support for waypoints
  - Improved highlighting/indexing of stops
  - More elements can be selected by clicking in addition to being selected via drop-down menu

- netconvert
  - Improved speed of OSM import, importing additional bus stops.
  - OpenDRIVE export now includes <signal> and <controller> information.

- traci
  - Added functions to override detecton of inductionLoop and laneArea detectors
  - Added function 'vehicle.insertStop' to add stops anywhere in the stop list and reroute automatically.
  - Added functions to retrieve/set any possible stop parameter for any upcoming stop
  - Added functions to retrieve/set global and vType-specific traffic scaling factors
  - Can now retrieve more attributes and custom-program states from actuated traffic lights
  - Function vehicle.moveToXY now "guesses" the next route edges to prevent artefacts when reaching the end of the current route

- tools
  - can now select desired road types and deselect shapes to reduce download size.
  - now supports option --random-routing-factor to increase the variance of generated routes.
  - Added tool which creates detector definitions based on geographic coordinates.
  - added new tool to run a configuration multiple times with different random seeds and collect distinct outputs.

=== Bugfixes ===

- Simulation
  - Fixed crash with departLane=best and given arrivalLane. (regression in 1.9.0)
  - Various NEMA controller fixes.
  - Fixed sub-optimal insertion flow with departLane="best".
  - Rerouting now takes empty lanes into account in mean speed calculation.
  - Teleporting of blocked vehicles now works if they are blocked behind a stopping vehicles.
  - Added vType attribute 'sigmaStep' to decouple the driving imperfection dynamics (sigma) of Krauss and related Models from the simulation step-length.
  - Fixed bug where vehicles waiting within an intersection violate right-of-way after their green phase ends.
  - Many fixes for opposite-direction driving
  - Many fixes for state loading
  - Fixed various crashes
  - Fixed various deadlocks including one at on-off-ramps which was a regression in 1.6.0
- sumo-gui
  - Fixed partially invisible individually defined parking spaces. (regression in 1.10.0)
  - Fixed some issues when drawing persons and vehicles at exaggerated size
  - Fixed crash in phase tracker when annotating by 'time in cycle'.
  - Fixed several problems when clicking on time links in the message area.
  - Fixed memory leak and slow drawing for polygons.
  - Fixed red/black GUI on MacOS.
  - Fixed inconsistent GUI settings on reload (settings will be kept on reload unless the settings-file was modified).
  - Vehicles in the 3D-view are no longer hidden beneath a colored bubble.

- netconvert
  - Connections without conflict no longer force a slow-down at "right_before_left" junctions.
  - Fixed missing attribute in OpenDRIVE export.
  - Fixed missing bus connection.
- netedit
  - Fixed undo related crashes. (regression in 1.0.0)
  - Fixed invalid geometry when loading geo-polygons. (regression in 1.10.0)
  - Fixed crash when creating geo-poi. (regression in 1.10.0)
  - regressions in 1.12.0
    - Fixed crash when deleting last (or only) personTrip-element.
    - Fixed crash when changing departSpeed for flow.
    - Fixed inconsistent behavior of attributes in flow creation frame.
    - Persons with an stop in their plan can now be created again
    - EdgeData und edgeRelData can be inspected and selected again.
    - When adding stops in demand mode, the list of potential parent elements (i.e. vehicles) now shows all possible candidates again.
  - Fixed invalid route when creating flow (embedded route) with via edges.
  - Vehicles and flows with embedded routes and junctions now appear in locate dialog.
  - Fixed conversion of junction to roundabout in lefthand network.
  - Fixed error when deleting trips/flows between junctions.
  - Stops within embedded routes are now written sorted.
  - Fixed crash in edgeRelation mode.
- traci
  - Fixed crashes and errors related to 'vehicle.replaceStop'
  - traci.person.setSpeed is now working.
  - Fixed invalid collision when using moveToXY with high implicit speed.
  - Fixed discontinuous moveToXY mapping at low step length.

- meso: Fix underestimated penalties when using option --meso-tls-penalty.
- now writes correct closing tag. (regression in 1.11.0)
- and now work if an edge is part of multiple TAZ.

=== Miscellaneous ===

- Fixed missing data files in libsumo wheel installation.
- Rerouter attribute 'file' is no longer supported. Intervals should be child elements of rerouters. Alternatively, element <include href="FILE"/> may be used.
- Added examples and documentation for spontaneous break-down of traffic flow jamming.
- Documented attribute plotting and extended vehicle visualization features.

Have fun with the new release,
Pablo, Jakob, Robert, Melanie, Johannes, Matthias, Michael, Yun-Pang and Angelo