Eclipse SUMO 1.15.0 Is Now Available!

Tuesday, November 8, 2022 - 03:27 by Angelo Banse

Dear friends and users,

We are happy to announce the release of SUMO version 1.15.0.
The download links are at

This release brings you many netedit enhancements for traffic light editing, new
options for scenario creation and more features to improve multi-modal
simulation. We also fixed quite a number of bugs.

There are many more features and fixes in this release and the most important
ones are listed below (even though the list is already quite long).
For a full list of changes, as always see

=== Enhancements ===


- The new vType attribute desiredMaxSpeed can be used to configure speed distributions for vehicles that are not constrained by the road speed limit (i.e. bicycles).

- Bicycles speeds now follow a speed distribution by default (centered on 20km/h, configurable with desiredMaxSpeed).

- The vType attributes timeToTeleport and timeToTeleportBidi can now be used to customize teleporting behavior. 
- Pedestrians now react to edge speed limit (i.e. for modelling stairs).
- Added option --vehroute-output.internal to include internal edges in the output.
- Added optinos --edgedata-output FILE and --lanedata-output FILE to configure a very basic meanData output without the need for additional files.
- Wireless simulation (btsender and btreciever devices) can now be enabled for persons.


- Many Traffic light mode enhancements (editing phases, joining traffic lights, ...) 

- Context menus on ambiguously overlapping objects now gives a choice of object. Holding ALT always gives all choices.
- Add shortcut to open current location in Google Maps and OSM map to context menu.
- A sumo configuration file can now be saved directly.
- Create edge frame has two new checkboxes to simplify creation of edges for pedestrian simulation.
- In move mode, alt+right-click on overlapped objects now allows marking the front element to be moved.
- "Undo-Redo list" dialog now includes color codes and entity ids.
- Using distinct walkingArea color to distinguish them from other objects.

- EdgeData and laneData values recorded by the current simulation can now be used for live edge coloring.
- 3D view now permits clicking on more objects (lanes, junctions, traffic lights).
- 3D view now supports realistic drawing of traffic signals for cars and pedestrians., 
- An active traci-server is now indicated in the status bar.

- Node clusters and joint traffic lights now get similar ids of the form "cluster_id0_id1" or "joinedS_...", "joinedG_...".
- OSM: can now import monorail and aerialway (cable car)

- Net method traci.simulation.getOption can now be used to retrieve any simulation option.

- Added functions traci.gui.addView, traci.gui.removeView to add/remove view windows.

- Simpla: Added additional platooning criteria via new attributes 'edgeLookAhead', 'distLookAhead' and 'lcMinDist'. 
- Simpla: platooning distances are now time-headways instead of gap-in-meters by default. Configurable with new attributes 'maxPlatoonHeadway', 'catchupHeadway', 'useHeadway'. 

- now supports options --depart-attribute, --arrival-attribute and --total-count to set extra constraints.
- Added option --bidi-conflicts to generated conflicts for bidirectional track use.
- Added new tool to solve DRT problems with the ortools package.
- Now reliably generates trips in small networks.
- Added new tool to evaluate the differenced between counting data (edge counts, turn counts, ...) and traffic recorded by a simulation (--vehroute-output with exit-times).

=== Bugfixes ===

- Fixed crash when using bluelight vehicle and SSM device. (regression in 1.12.0)
- Rerouter attribute timeThreshold is working again after a vehicle has changed lanes. (regression in 1.14.0)
- Taxi drop-off is no longer interrupted by new dispatch. Also, persons only continue their plan after the drop-off duration.
- Fixed bugs for emergency vehicle simulation
- Various fixes to sublane simulation
- Fixed invalid (slightly exaggerated) estimate of junction passing time.
- Fixed prolonged waiting at side roads despite sufficient gaps.
- Cars generated for a <personTrip> now slow down before dropping of the person.
- Fixed deadlock between car and pedestrian on shared walkingarea.
- Fixed emergency braking when using carFollowModel IDM. ACC and CACC
- Various fixes to carFollowModel EIDM
- Various fixes to lane changing
- Fixed several bugs that prevented intermodal vehroute output from being re-used as simulation input.
- Vehroute-output no longer includes unfinished persons by default.
- Various fixes to railway simulation

- Fixed missing coordinate display in status bar. (regression in 1.14.0)
- Fixed bugs related to object locking (via the lock menu).
- Fixed crash when using the "undo/redo history" dialog.

- Fixed crash when opening busStop parameters after simulation end. (regression in 1.13.0)
- Lane menu functions select reachable, close lane, add rerouter are now working again. (regression in 1.14.0)
- Fixed invalid occupancy values caused by vehicles vehicles that are partially on a lane (i.e. with the sublane model).
- Fixed invalid lateral rendering position of vehicles with potential carriages (i.e. 'trailer').

- Fixed invalid red phase at traffic lights with very low connection speeds. (regression in 1.14.0)
- Fixed projection error when importing OpenDRIVE.
- Fixed too short busStops when import OSM data.
- Fixed invalid walkingarea shapes.
- OSM: Fixed invalid public transport route on bidirectional way.

- Function vehicle.highlight is now tracking the vehicle again. (regression in 1.13.0)
- Simpla: various fixes
- Libsumo simulation outputs now include version information.
- Context subscription filters for vTypes and vClasses are now compatible with all other filters.
- Function simulation.getDistance2D(..., isGeo=True) now works.

- duarouter: vTypeDistributions with attribute vTypes now consider vType-probabilities.

- and now properly report unknown options again. (regression in 1.14.1)
- Fixed invalid end element, preserving comments.
- Fixed invalid route references in output.

=== Miscellaneous ===

- Translation efforts for the grahpical applications and command line messages have begun and contributions are welcome at Weblate.
- ACC model description now has additional information on platoon stability.
- All applications now support appending list-type options in a configuration file with extra items via the command line.
- The new default --xml-validation mode is local which only reads the local schema file but does not do network access to prevent XXE attacks.

Have fun with the new release,
Benjamin, Angelo, Jakob, Robert, Melanie, Johannes, Michael, Yun-Pang, Pablo and Mirko