Eclipse SUMO 1.19.0 Is Now Available!

Tuesday, November 7, 2023 - 04:05 by Angelo Banse

Dear friends and users,

we are happy to announce the release of SUMO version 1.19.0.

The download links are at

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We would also love to hear more feedback and prepared a short survey (only three questions).

Please participate at

(If you don't like Google, you can of course send an email as well.)


This release brings major improvements in pedestrian support including a first version of the recently released JuPedSim model developed by our colleagues at Forschungszentrum Jülich.


There are many more features and fixes in this release and the most important ones are listed below. For a full list of changes, as always see



### Enhancements


- Simulation

   - The access position for a stop can now be "random".

   - Can now use distributions for parameter values like "device.battery.capacity".

   - Renamed some battery parameters and made them available from type and vehicle. #13838, #12297, #13645


- sumo-gui

   - Now current sumoconfig can be loaded directly in netedit (edit / open sumo config in netedit). #13588

   - Charging state of a vehicle can be shown. #13595


- netedit

   - Now supports Human Readable Time (HH:MM:SS).

   - Now type parameters can be edited in main type frame.

   - Now vehicles and routes can be reversed.

   - Now trips over TAZs or Junctions can be transformed to flows (and vice versa).

   - Add locate containers dialog. #13692

   - Added support for vType distributions. #12845

   - Added support for route distributions. #12660

   - Now internal lanes can be drawn. #13790

   - Add new view "JuPedSim". #13750

   - Added "icon" attribute for pois. #13718

   - Person plan creation now automatically detects the next approached network element. #13828


- netconvert

   - Now issues a warning if unknown tls id are passed to option **--tls.join-exclude**.

   - Edge type errors only trigger a warning in plain XML input if no type file is loaded.

   - handling OpenDrive's include tag

   - Exclude signals (traffic light) which are placed on lanes not allowed to drive on in OpenDrive 1.4.


- Tools

   - several improvements to

   - Now handles `depart="split"` for insertionOrderConstraints.

   - sumolib can now load selection files.

   - can now create variable speed signs from edge mean data.


- TraCI

   - Rail signal constraints can now bew added via traci.


- Other

   - od2trips now supports pedestrian types

   - Integration of JuPedSim in sumo.

   - You can now add current time and PID to all log entries.

   - The old C++ TraCIAPI.cpp and Java's TraaS give now a warning about being deprecated #14026. Please use [libtraci](

   - The new SUMO homepage is now

   - The repository moved to and the website repo to

   - Added wheels for Python 3.12 and improved on wheel testing in CI



### Bugfixes


- Simulation

   - Fixed major slowdown on windows due to translation. (regression in


   - Fixed failure to join a leading train on subsequent edge.

   - PersonFlows now draw different vTypes from a distribution

   - Fixed invalid route after trying to to join leading train on subsequent edge of diverging route.

   - Edgedata-output now only counts vehicles that start their teleport on an edge in the teleport count of that edge.

   - Fixed collision during sublane-change.

   - Fixed crash during emergency vehicle simulation.

   - Start and end edge in trips can also be used as vias.

   - many improvements in bidi edge support

   - Speeds imposed by variable speed signs (VSS) or TraCI limit the edge type speeds (vehicles will respect the edge type speed if lower than VSS one)

   - Corrected speed calculation for induction loop with length > 0.

   - another fix for leader distance in ACC model

   - proper normalization when using distributions of vType distributions

   - fixed rerouting problems with numerical instabilities at the current stop

   - fixes to SSM output concerning collisions and state loading


- netedit

   - Fixed problem saving person flow attributes.

   - Fixed problem saving containers sorted by begin attribute in netedit.

   - Fixed problem saving edgetypes.

   - Added proper error handling for duplicate edgeRelations.

   - Fixed invalid checks setting IDs.

   - Fixed error with FXIconComboBox size.

   - Disabled invalid combinations for node 'type' and 'rightOfWay'.

   - Fixed problem moving vehicles.

   - Fixed crash in netedit due to netbuild / connections.

   - "Press F5" message now updates earlier.

   - Fixed vehicle class selection ignoring user input.


- sumo-gui

   - Context menu uses same screen as sumo-gui on Windows.

   - Sidewalks are no longer connected to the ground in 3D view.

   - The time detection for breakpoints now works with different languages and is not triggered by arbitrary numbers.

   - Opening a sumo config in netedit from sumo-gui now works with special characters in paths on Windows.

   - 3D models can be loaded as decals again.


- netconvert

   - Fixed unequal length of bidi edge.

   - OSM turn lanes for left hand networks are now in right order.

   - Fixed superfluous connections after joining junction.


- Tools


     - Fixed bias when distributing flow departures over the data interval.

     - Avoid throwing away all routes with weight less than 0.5 in full optimization.


     - now works if one of multiple data files contains no data.

     - now uses file name for legend if no id attribute is set.

   - can now handles multiple lanes with the same distance.

   - Fixed error when requesting an amount of 0 vehicles for a mode.


- TraCI / Libsumo

   - traci.vehicletype.setScale is now applied to flows.

   - Vehicles now do opposite lane overtaking for vehicles stopped via TraCI.

   - Lanearea detector now reports for last interval if output file is not set. Issue #13966

   - Fixed memory leak in libsumo exception code. #13821


Have fun with the new release,

Robert, Johannes, Jakob, Yun-Pang, Pablo, Mirko, Benjamin, Angelo and Micha