Join the New and Improved Payara Forum!

Monday, October 18, 2021 - 05:35 by Priya Khaira-Hanks

You may have seen that our Payara Forum has recieved an update. We've moved from Google Groups to a brand new location. Visit the forum below:

Below you will find out more about why we made the new decision, what the Forum is for and how to use it!

Why Have We Moved Our Forum? 

We have decided on this new location as it provides a better user experience, with a clear layout, the ability to group discussion threads within categories, and no need to use email address.

Unlike Google Groups, our new Forum resembles a social media network or website comments rather than an email inbox, and therefore is more suited for discussion and threads. With clear new rules about what the Forum is and isn't (see below) we're hoping that the new Payara Forum will encourage Payara community collaboration, innovation and lots of shared enthusiasm surrounding our Payara Platform products. 

What Should You Use the Forum For? 

  • Asking technical questions about the software. Another Forum user, or a member of the Payara Team, may be able to provide an answer or direct you to the right resources.
  • Answering the questions of other members of the community. This Forum is designed to facilitate users helping other users.
  • Suggesting changes or providing feedback to Payara in a more general sense - to start a conversation. 
  • Sharing your experiences of using Payara with others.
  • Getting excited about the Payara Platform!
  • Sharing any top tips or interesting developments you have experienced using the software.
  • Suggesting or enquiring about providing your clients with Payara Platform if you are a software/IT consultancy.
  • Discussing your experiences as a Payara Partner, if you are already part of the program, and asking questions relating to your Partnership.
  • Checking for announcements and new resources - we will be sharing news, releases, and updates, and announcing webinars, in the Forum.

Bug Fixes & Enhancements: Go To GitHub!  

At Payara, we are very active on GitHub and it serves a different purpose to our Forum. 

If there is a bug you wish to report, please visit the Payara GitHub and create an issue. We will be monitoring this more closely for bug fixes and this is the way to get our engineers to address a bug most efficiently.

Enhancements can be requested through GitHub by creating an issue. You can suggest changes to the Payara Platform for open discussion on the Payara Forum, but if there is a specific enhancement you need, GitHub is the place to request it. 

When bugs are reported and enhancements are requested, we welcome votes to decide what is prioritised in our upcoming releases. All you have to do is visit our GitHub open issues page and up-vote the issues you think should be looked at first by our development team.

GitHub is also where you can contribute to the Payara Platform with your code. Issue a pull request with suggested bug features and enhancements! 

Will Payara Team Members Monitor the Payara Forum?

Our Payara Team is keen to engage with and help our community of users and will be looking at the Forum regularly, answering questions and directing to resources that may help. 

However, the Forum is primarily for community discussion, so it may be that other users and Payara enthusiasts will provide an answer first - or perhaps even a better one, or new fix our engineers haven't thought of yet! 

If you find that direct and guaranteed communication with the Payara team is what you need, it may be that a Payara Enterprise subscription is worth investigating. Benefits of our solution for mission-critical production systems include direct support from engineers and Hot Fixes - patched modules if an urgent solution is required. 

Go Forth and Forum! 

Since launching earlier this month, our Forum is already being widely used and many productive discussions have been started. For example, Payara'sAlan Rothhelped out a user by directing them to a blog to help get closer to a production-ready domain, and a useful conversation was started around using Java Faces Servlet under the new Jakarta EE namespace. 

The forum is the place to be to improve your Jakarta EE and Payara skills, keep track of what's new and engage with others who face the same day-to-day challenges and tasks that you do.

What are you waiting for - get started now!