Oniro Summit –The First Oniro Working Group In-Person Meet-Up

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 - 10:26 by Dongni He

We are thrilled to share that the Oniro Summit has come to life, the first-ever in-person Oniro community meet-up! It was a two-day summit of panels and team building activities from 14th to 16th November, held in Solda (BZ) Italy.

What is the significance of the Oniro Summit?

Oniro’s evolution is guided by an open and vendor-neutral active community. Furthering the announcement of Oniro project and working group, the Oniro Summit was organized to gather Oniro community members from the Eclipse Foundation, Huawei, SECO, Linaro, NOI Techpark, Synesthesia and Array.

The Oniro Summit aims to provide an open and interactive ground, with the intention of fostering knowledge sharing across the Oniro working group members and setting up a consistent tone for future development.


Throughout the two-day sessions, we enjoyed the gift of in-person discussion among community members which shared their thoughts on what it takes to build joint efforts and lead well.

A high-level discussion was led to cover three main tracks - Business and Marketing, Technical and Operations. It was driven from reviewing the previous outputs to picturing visions and roadmap. Specifically, the following aspects were elaborated:

  • Dive in achievements, misses, and gaps
  • Agree on roadmap and planning
  • Set up KPIs and priorities for the upcoming years
  • Participate in the Oniro marketing and communication initiatives and create a positive noise around the project
  • Define the distributed device intelligence and blueprint development
  • Guarantee long-term support by the working group
  • Refine legal framework to enable transparent and equal collaboration

Things are about to get even more exciting!

We are just getting started. There are several action items that came out of the meeting. The Oniro project will continue the community growth and expand builds on underlying hardware. Moreover, the testing and over the air (OTA) update will be further developed to facilitate and secure the ecosystem.

Join the long journey

Oniro Summit is quite an experience to connect with the community. Meanwhile, the Oniro journey is still evolving and growing to become the open source operating system that runs on a wider spectrum of IoT devices. New community members, developers, technologists, and industry leaders are always welcome... Contribute and take the opportunity to influence the direction of the project at its earliest stage. We need your voice, are you in?