Review: openMDM® Working Group Annual Summit 2022

Thursday, June 2, 2022 - 03:42 by Hans-Joerg Kremer

The openMDM® Working Group Annual Summit 2022 has shown that there is obviously a great deal of interest in openMDM® in the automotive industry. The event was attended by more than 50 people from OEMs and suppliers from Europe, the USA and China.

openMDM® is a framework that provides useful open source software for implementing ASAM ODS-based test data management solutions. The versatility of the framework became clear in various presentations. For example, BMW, Peak Solution and MTU Aero showed how openMDM® can be used for data management within various test domains, such as e-mobility, autonomous driving and engine development. In addition to this, the joint lecture by Siemens and MüllerBBM illustrated that openMDM® is an excellent platform for integrating the measurement, simulation and analysis systems of different vendors into an overall, interoperable tool chain. The fact that the basic ideas and concepts of openMDM® can be used in Big Data Ecosystems as well, was addressed by Karakun's presentation. openMDM® as part of a tool chain that leverages open source to increase the efficiency during the development of Automated Driving Functions was mentioned by the leader of the Eclipse Automotive ADx Working Group.

Overall, the participants agreed: With openMDM®, OEMs, suppliers, tool vendors and service providers can ensure that test data does not disappear forever in vendor-specific “data silos” and can be used by many users in different tool chains in the long term. At the same time, the openMDM® Working Group offers its members a good environment for collaborative work and enables everyone involved the pooling of development resources and the regular exchange of non-competitive best practices and software components.

The presentations of the event are available on the openMDM Working Group Wiki (