SDV Working Group plays a key role in the EU-funded FEDERATE project

Tuesday, December 19, 2023 - 09:46 by Craig Frayne

Eclipse SDV Working Group will play a key role in the recently launched EU-funded coordination project FEDERATE.

FEDERATE works towards a common SDV program vision and creates coordinated advice for current and future projects in the SDV program. 

Eclipse SDV will support FEDERATE on several fronts including: 

  • being the home for the project backlog, open-source specifications and standards to support development of a vendor-neutral software stack; and
  • creating a forum for collaboration through SDV hackathons, technical alignment meetings and events.

FEDERATE aims to enhance the global competitiveness of the automotive and semiconductor industries in delivering Software-Defined Vehicles. Through its code first and agile approach, the SDV Working Group provides best practices and project building blocks that are essential for fulfilling this vision.