Yatta introduces Checkout for Eclipse

Wednesday, November 9, 2022 - 11:40 by Jacob Harris

Frankfurt, Germany, 8 November 2022

Software engineering company—and Eclipse Contributing Member—Yatta has introduced Yatta Checkout. The Yatta Checkout helps software vendors to monetize and sell digital products, with straightforward integration of everything from login and authorization to licensing, global payments and billing.

A special target group for Yatta Checkout are vendors of developer tools as the Yatta Checkout includes an in-app sales & purchase channel for the Eclipse IDE.

Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation welcomes the new Checkout for Eclipse:

"Anything that helps to bring more successful products and companies into the Eclipse ecosystem is great! Yatta Checkout is an efficient way to promote and collect in-app payments for Eclipse-based products."

Yatta Checkout’s goal is to help vendors offer and sell products, plugins and tools from directly within the Eclipse IDE—and to give Eclipse users better access to Eclipse-based products and tools. 

"We have been using Yatta Checkout for our own software products for over a year—and it has increased our online sales by 10x. At the same time, Yatta Checkout has reduced our customer acquisition costs per user by over 89%," says Johannes Jacop, CEO & co-founder of Yatta.

Yatta Checkout was initially launched at an internal event on "Transforming Markets" a few weeks ago. But it was presented to a broader audience for the first time at this year’s EclipseCon in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Yatta co-founder & product manager Frederic Ebelshäuser introduced the Checkout in his talk about “How to build for and market to developers”. It was also mentioned by itemis AG software engineer Karsten Thoms in his talk, “What Eclipse IDE must learn from other IDEs to survive?” and was discussed by the Eclipse IDE Working Group, which is backed by companies like IBM, SAP, Bosch, Vector, VMware and Yatta.

With Yatta Checkout, companies and members involved in the Eclipse open-source community are taking a big step forward in positioning Eclipse as an open ecosystem: By enabling software vendors to efficiently monetize and sell Eclipse-based products, the Eclipse community will continue to thrive and prosper.

About Yatta

The German tech and software engineering company has been contributing to the Eclipse Foundation since 2011. Yatta are keen supporters of Eclipse who want to sustain an open ecosystem; they are a member of the Eclipse IDE working group, project lead of the Eclipse Marketplace Client, and Package Maintainer of the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers. Yatta also contributes to various open-source projects, including Eclipse Oomph and the Eclipse MPC.


Pascal Weyerhäuser
Chief Strategist & co-founder, Yatta

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