Monday, November 29, 2021 - 05:00
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Joining the Oniro community is a rare opportunity to influence the direction of an operating system at its earliest stages. 

The Oniro OS will provide a true, community-driven open source solution that runs on a wider spectrum of devices than today’s operating systems. And it will make it far easier to integrate different types of next-gen hardware and software. To nurture the technology, a new working group and top-level project are being created.

Oniro is an independent, open source implementation of OpenAtom’s OpenHarmony. It can run on more devices than current operating systems because it features a multi-kernel architecture:

  • A Linux Yocto kernel allows the OS to run on larger embedded devices, such as Raspberry Pi-class devices 
  • A Zephyr kernel allows the OS to run on highly resource-constrained devices, such as a coffee maker or a thermostat

With the ability to run the same OS on different classes of devices, Oniro will provide an ideal solution to support the future of IoT, machine economy, edge, mobile, and other next-gen devices.

Learn more about Oniro and get involved: