Sunday, January 30, 2022 - 05:00
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Download our new ebook to learn how Jakarta EE delivers on the vision for open source, cloud native Java and why so many organizations are adopting it.

Jakarta EE can be used to evolve existing Java applications or create new cloud native applications, and it is unique in the open source world. Jakarta EE provides the only server-side, vendor neutral open specifications for Java application development. All other server-side development platforms are vendor-specific, even if they’re open source.

Because Jakarta EE is not in the hands of a single vendor, organizations that adopt it can be certain the technologies will continue to evolve according to the community’s greatest needs and interests. Since the former Java EE technologies were first released as Jakarta EE, the platform has diverged from its roots and is now poised to take a huge step forward in Jakarta EE 10. 

The ebook explores how Jakarta EE helps developers, software vendors, and enterprises work more productively, resolve key business challenges, and position themselves for success. Along the way, developers and business leaders share their reasons for adopting Jakarta EE and tell us why they’re so confident in the future of these time-tested and strategically important technologies.

Download the Cloud Native Java eBook.