Building Community Through Open Source Research Projects

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Building Community Through Open Source Research Projects

At the Eclipse Foundation, we help organizations successfully create, publish, and sustain research projects, making the results of these projects available for commercial or public use. Our June Community Newsletter explores three of these publicly funded research projects — TRANSACT, Eclipse POOSL, and Eclipse Arrowhead — to see how they benefit from an open source license and the ecosystems that are fostered by the open source approach.

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Philippe Krief
Research Relations Director


Eclipse Arrowhead: On the Bleeding Edge of
Industry 4.0

Discover how Eclipse Arrowhead project will continue to build on the results of the research project, and why new members are joining the Arrowhead community.
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How Eclipse POOSL Enables Early System Validation

Learn why POOSL is well-suited for use in risk-averse settings to mitigate risks for many different types of applications, like mission-critical applications.
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TRANSACT: Bringing the Cloud to Safety-Critical
Cyber-Physical Systems

The TRANSACT team is developing a safety-critical CPS that will pave the way for faster, cheaper, and more flexible solutions tailored to customer needs.
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Committer Profile
Frank Schnicke
Eclipse AAS Model for Java, Eclipse BaSyx

Frank discusses his introduction to open source through the libGDX gaming framework, and his work for the Fraunhofer Institute.
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Community Updates

 Eclipse IDE 2022-06 Is Now Available

The latest Eclipse IDE release includes Java 18 support and improved Java development tooling. Read More->


Sparkplug Launches New Compatibility Program

Sparkplug-compatible solutions will seamlessly integrate with the most common IIoT devices and networks. Read More->


Eclipse Foundation Partners With OpenSSF’s Alpha-Omega Project

With the help of funding from the Alpha-Omega Project, the Eclipse Foundation is rolling out new supply chain security measures. Read More->


OpenHW Announces New Open Source RISC-V Development Kit

The RISC-V based CORE-V MCU DevKit enables software development for embedded, IoT, and AI-driven applications. Read More->


Access Fully-Verified Java Binaries in the Adoptium Marketplace 

The new marketplace allows users to obtain Java SE TCK certified and AQAvit quality-tested binaries, including Eclipse Temurin. Read More->


Watch Recordings From Virtual IoT & Edge Days 2022

If you missed any of the sessions, or want to rewatch your favorite one, check out our YouTube playlistRead More->

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