Wednesday, March 30, 2022 - 06:00
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The latest Eclipse IDE quarterly release includes improved tools and spies, better Maven support, Java 18 support, and many other enhancements. 

With 68 projects updated by 200 contributors and more than 100 committers, there are numerous new and noteworthy items to discover. 

For example, multiple spies were added to the Plug-In Development Environment (PDE), including:

  • Context Spy
  • Bundle Spy
  • Model Spy
  • CSS Spy

In addition, the SWT Sleak tool was improved, and asynchronous API analysis enables faster builds.

Maven support was also improved, allowing for easier navigation from Maven logs, better Java Platform Module System (JPMS) support, and improved editor and performance capabilities. Maven artifacts can now also be included as dependencies in the PDE target platform, making them easier and more efficient to use in Eclipse plug-in development.

Java development tooling was improved as well, including new quick assists, lambda entry breakpoint, and call hierarchy enhancements. 

For details, check out the documentation or watch our video explainer.

Download the Eclipse IDE 2022-03 installer here.