Wednesday, March 30, 2022 - 06:00
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The Jakarta EE 10 release is inching ever closer. With the Q2 target release date approaching, here’s a reminder about what the plan is and an update on progress so far. 

The goal is to release a coordinated set of specifications across Jakarta EE technologies. Some will be major updates that introduce breaking changes, while others will be minor binary-compatible changes. Either way, all artifacts for component and platform specifications will be affected. Check out a full breakdown of the release plan here.

After the ratification of the Jakarta EE Specification Process in January 2021, work got underway on the specifications. As of today, the release review has been completed for:

  • Jakarta Activation 2.1
  • Jakarta Annotations 2.1
  • Jakarta Mail 2.1
  • Jakarta SOAP with Attachments 3.0
  • Jakarta JSON Binding 3.0
  • Jakarta Batch 2.1 

Three other specifications are also ready for release because they’re service releases:

  • Jakarta Bean Validation 3.0.1
  • Jakarta Contexts and Dependency Injection 2.0.1
  • Jakarta Transactions 2.0.1

For updates on individual specifications, monitor our progress on our GitHub.

And if you’re curious about what’s been accomplished in Jakarta EE so far, check out our ebook.